Generation solar

All-new app to help boost solar power use!

Our pioneering Citizen Science app is out now

make sure you´ll grab one!

The app is the brainchild of GRECO. It is a unique blend of input from scientific research, IT-support, creative devotion and citizens like you.

Acting as a database of photovoltaic installations, it has various purposes including data exchange between pv installation owners. You will also be able to feed data into scientific models for energy efficiency – and help our planet in your own little way.


  • Create a unique solar energy community
  • Raise awareness of photovoltaics in society
  • Increase the global database of solar energy generation
  • Contribute to new and better scientific models of energy efficiency
  • Be part of a top-notch research network

Do you have what it takes to be a solar energy detective? Take the challenge!

  • Win over as many people you can with the app
  • Record the highest installed capacity (either huge installations or many small ones)
  • Report as many solar installations as you can

Check out generation solar: