PRactical Guide on Open Science

For two years, GRECO has conducted a very innovative survey. Within the framework of the survey, we analysed the opinions, doubts and experiences of researchers in engineering and photovoltaic energy(PV)on Open Science(OS).

We gathered 106 responses, analysed them and came up with 39 Frequently Asked Questions on Open Science. The experience of scientists from the PV field is also extremely useful for other research areas.

This document is a Practical Guide for Researchers and tries to solve the most prevalent doubts, concerns and fears. It starts with a checklist for Open Sciencefor various phases of research.
After the checklist, you will find a Q&A section which is structured into nine categories:
1) Where to start
2) Open Data
3) Open Access
4) Open to society
5) Other open practices
6) Property rights
7) Resources
8) Politics
9) Metrics

There are 3 to 5 questions for each category, answered by experts and researchers who have applied Open Science in various forms.

At the end of the document, there are two additional sections: One with the benefits of Open Science. And another one commenting on the gender perspective which is also very important within GRECO.

Following Open Science values, this guide will enter an open peer review process. It will be openly available after a thorough revision at the end of 2020.

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An overall success: The Evaluation Meeting at the Instituto de Energía Solar (IES) on November 20 went extremely well. Our evaluators Simona Misiti and Niels Stern are very impressed by the accomplished work. Top marks for GRECO!