Our approaches

6 research activities on photovoltaics

GRECO will generate six innovative solutions in the field of photovoltaic energy. To ensure its social acceptability, GRECO will adopt different quadruple helix methodologies such as Open Innovation or  Mobilisation and Mutual Learning (MML). With this new approach, GRECO tackles societal challenges by tearing down the barriers between researchers, industry, government and civil society. The quadruple helix model will result in the sharing of ideas and teamwork and the research will generate benefits both for society and industry.

Open science

The multinational research project GRECO aims to make science more responsible and sustainable. To this end, GRECO will explore a full set of Open Science tools: Open Access, Open Peer-Review, Open Data, Open Education, Open Software and Open Notebooks. As a special feature, GRECO invites everybody interested in the project to contribute via Open Annotation on the website.

Acting as a database of photovoltaic installations, it has various purposes including data exchange between pv installation owners. You will also be able to feed data into scientific models for energy efficiency – and help our planet in your own little way.

Citizen science

Scientific research often appears remote and exclusive. GRECO will encourage citizens to actively participate. Our researchers will listen to their opinions and include them in the photovoltaics research process. This will profoundly change the scientist-citizen relationship.

Behind the scenes

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