Open science

Our world is changing rapidly.

Addressing these enormous challenges require new ways of performing science.

GRECO is a multinational research project funded by the European Commission.  Its main goal is putting Open Science and other Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI) approaches into action in a real research project in the photovoltaic sector.  GRECO will establish knowledge coalitions with researchers, civil organizations, citizens, governments, industry and non-profit organisations. Both the coalitions and Open Science will facilitate the uptake of socially acceptable innovative solutions. GRECO aims to pave the way for other researchers to adopt this style of managing science.

Responsible Research & Innovation (RRI)

Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI) is the ongoing process of aligning research and innovation to the values, needs and expectations of society. It comprises six action pillars: Ethics, Gender, Governance, Public Engagement, Science Education and Open Science. In particular, Open Science is becoming an umbrella term for a multitude of prerequisites about the future of knowledge creation and dissemination.

Advantages and challenges of Open Science

Through Open Science Tools such as Open Access, Open Data, Open Education, Open Notebooks, Open Software and Open Peer-Review, GRECO aims to generate a more accessible research process. This will allow third parties to quickly take up the scientific concepts developed. As a result, science advances in a more transversal way. What is more, there is no double financing of the same research in different parts of the world.

How far can Open Science be implemented while remaining competitive?

“GRECO will determine, evaluate and manage this aspect throughout the project because naturally, we are aware that this is the major challenge of Open Science.”

Carlos de Cañizo

Open Annotation

As a special feature, GRECO invites everybody interested in the project to contribute via Open Annotation on the website.

Mission Possible!

In the summer of 2020, the GRECO team will release a guide for implementing RRI and Open Science concepts in research projects, incorporating the practical learnings from GRECO.

The guide aims at helping future research projects to smoothly integrate the RRI approach. All the research products will be developed through a whole RRI approach. This includes Ethics, Gender, Public Engagement, Governance, Science Education and Open Science practices. Regarding the last ones, GRECO researchers will adopt Open Access and Open Data policies. Moreover, they will implement Open Notebooks, among many others, and share their experiences.

This should encourage other researchers to apply RRI policies within a real project – mission possible!