Citizen science

Scientific research often appears remote and exclusive.

GRECO will encourage citizens to actively participate. Our researchers will listen to their opinions and include them in the photovoltaics research process. This will profoundly change the scientist-citizen relationship.

A deeper understanding

Citizens will actively participate in the process of research, development and innovation both in the design of new PV solutions and in the provision of data.

Furthermore, Citizen Scientists will be involved by providing defective photovoltaic modules. The GRECO researchers will test their repair process on these modules from various manufacturers, and which have sustained different damage by climate or usage.

The material data generated by Citizen Scientists will be included in GRECO research. In return, society will gain awareness and the ability to influence the spread of solar energy – thus leading to an overall deeper understanding of photovoltaic research.

Time for action!

Scientific fields such as ecology, conservation and biology have a relatively long background in citizen science and civic movements. However, the energy sector is only just beginning to recognize the benefits of involving citizens in data collection, analysis and scientific research.

One of the main endeavours of GRECO is to find a feasible way for citizens to contribute to photovoltaic research. Thus, GRECO will set up a Citizen Science Initiative to promote the provision of data for investigation purposes.