Try it out now: The new Citizen Science app “Generation Solar”

Barcelona, 8 September 2020 “Generation Solar” is the brainchild of the multinational photovoltaics research project, GRECO. The result of a unique collaborative process of science, IT support and input from citizens, the web version of “Generation Solar” is now available on iOS and Android.

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How did Generation Solar evolve?

One of the three lines of research of the EU-funded research project GRECO is Citizen Science. This approach includes citizens into the whole process of new developments, such as the app “Generation Solar”. Basetis, a technology and consulting company in Barcelona, elaborated Generation Solar within a year. The content of the app is based on a survey among researchers and the contribution from citizens all over the world.

Generation Solar acts as a database of photovoltaic installations. It has various purposes including data exchange between PV installation owners. Another feature allows data to be fed into scientific models to analyse energy efficiency. Luisa Barbosa Gómez is part of the GRECO research consortium. She is based at the Studies Centre on Science Communication and Society (CCS) of the University Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona (UPF). The CCS managed the whole development process of the app: “I am very happy that Generation Solar incorporates input both from scientists and citizens. This proves that top-notch research gets even better and more up-to-date with the participation of Citizen Scientists.”

Not just another app!

Generation Solar is a multi-faceted app: It boosts the acceptance of solar energy among the users and their community. And it helps researchers increase their knowledge in photovoltaic research. Generation Solar is also fun:
It includes a gaming section where you can be a solar energy detective: For instance, you report as many photovoltaic installations as you can.

Hosted by one of the leading universities of the world

Ana Belén Cristóbal López and Carlos del Cañizo coordinate the research project GRECO. It is located at the Instituto de Energía Solar (IES). The IES is part of the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (UPM) and one of the oldest and most renowned research institutes in the world in the field of photovoltaics. The UPM hosts the website of Generation Solar.

Download Generation Solar here: